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Barnak is the main antagonist of Hype: The Time Quest, he is a very powerful black knight that commands a dragon named Voydh. He is a banished god that wanted to create his own kingdom into Hype's world. His legend was known from the Era of Taskan III, which led to the Civil War of Torras.

Era of Taskan IV[]

Barnak versus Hype

In the Era of Taskan IV , he came to the awarding ceremony of the Sword of Peace to the champion of the kingdom , Hype , demanding the throne of Taskan IV . When the knight confronted him , he transformed him into a statue of stone , and transported him deep past into time , to the time of the reign of Taskan I .

He also took the Jewel of Gods from the gods , but Drareg was also able to give the same jewel to Hype , to fight him on equal powers . Also , The Dark Tower Enost built for him acted as a Huge Sundial , which would make the black knight rule for eternity .

When Hype reached the top of the tower , he let his dragon Voydh handle him , but the dragon was unable to defeat the time knight . Due to it's incompetency , he transformed Voydh into a tiny lizard and personally confronted Hype . But the power of the Sword of Peace and of The Four Jewels was too much for Barnak , as Hype was able to defeat him and restore peace to the land .