Civil War of Torras

Conflict: Civil War of Torras
Date: Era of Taskan III - Era of Taskan IV
Place: The Town of Torras
Outcome: Victory for the king
The Fortress

The Monastery.

The Field of Courage

The Laboratory

Taskan III {Era of Taskan III}

Taskan IV {Era of Taskan IV}

Fortress Knights

Monastery Knights

Hype {Era of Taskan IV}


Men of the Field of Courage

unknown unknown
Wars of Torras

Civil War of Torras , War of Taskan I , War of Taskan IV

The Civil War of Torras was a war in the era of Taskan III between the king and The Laboratory & Field of Courage . The magicians of the Laboratory and the men of the Field of Courage rebelled against the king because they did no longer trust the Taskan Family due to learning that a black knight will come from the sky and make a fool of the king's son .

The Monastery allied the king into the war . The war was ultimately won by Taskan IV during his reign , and he made a fabulous banquet with everyone of Torras invited .


  • As the war was caused by Hype when he traveled through time , it is unknown how was it caused before the knight traveled through time , because preceding his transportation through time , Hype could never cause the war , so the legend of the black knight could have been known before Hype was transported to the era of Taskan I , and Hype just amplified it by traveling through time , but this is only a speculation .
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