Gogoud is a magician who helps Hype in his quest.

Era of Taskan IEdit

In the Era of Taskan I, he was a magician's apprentice and found a stone statue of Hype in the courtyard of his manor, using several spells to restore him to human form.

After the restoration, Gogoud decided to help Hype. He informed him that he was currently in the era of Taskan I, and trained him to restore his combat skills, also teaching Hype a new spell and informing him that he needs a Royal Jewel to help him travel through time. He also gives him the key to the bridge portal .

While Hype searches for the Royal Jewel, Gogoud discovers that the jewel must be powered with energy from the sky, thus helping Hype travel to the era of Taskan II .

Era of Taskan IIEdit

In the Era of Taskan II, Gogoud became a true sorcerer. He also built a secret chamber which the knights were looking for. He was captured by the evil magician Rajoth, which was subsequently written about in his journal, which also explained how he told Hype about the chamber which was used against the champion of his kingdom by Fortress Knights. Gogoud was later rescued by Hype and the pair were able to safely escape from The Laboratory. Gogoud told Hype to go into The Forest, which later led to the hero's first meeting with Karon and eventually the discovery of the jewel of virtue .

Era of Taskan IIIEdit

In the Era of Taskan III, the experiments Rajoth did on him extended Gogoud's life. He locked Rave in his secret room, denying that she was a true knight of Taskan III .

Due to Barnak's knowledge of Hype's arrival into the future before it happened, Gogoud asked the brave knight to bring the 3 almanacs which wrote of Hype's story. After obtaining these almanacs, Gogoud managed to erase the writing by scratching it with an emerald stylus. He re-wrote the almanacs to tell that Hype was killed by brigands during his quest.

Era of Taskan IVEdit

By the Era of Taskan IV, Gogoud is a fallen magician who has become the Guardian of Time as a reward from the Gods for helping Hype get back to his original era. He manifests himself in the Room of the Champion and confronts Hype, telling him of Barnak's story, and that a god was expecting him in the Lost City .

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