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Granslak in the Fortress, moments before confronting Hype

Granslak is the extremely tall guard of Taskan I and the first boss in Hype: The Time Quest.


Hype learns from the woman in Torras' main gatehouse that a new, "handsome" guard has been appointed to protect the First Dragon's Breastplate in the Fortress. When he is finally confronted, he is revealed to be a magically heightened warrior with a pair of large morningstars (flails) and a shield. He also has a distinctly high-pitched evil laugh.


Granslak resides in the two-story throne room with stairs in the corner leading up to the balcony floor. On the first floor, Hype will receive damage from Granslak's feet. From the second floor, Hype can attack Granslak, but only if he is close enough to the edge of the balcony and is not hiding behind his shield. Jumping from the balcony is a possible strategy if Granslak is not within striking range. Granslak also has a flail that he will twirl and then lunge at Hype, which can be difficult to dodge; strafing is a possible means of evading this attack. After he is defeated by Hype, he shrinks small enough to fit inside his helm and runs toward a mousehole. Hitting the moving helm before he reaches the hole results in a Mauve Potion being dropped - the first one available in the game.