Karon is the leader of the brigands. She escaped from The Fortress's Dungeons several times. A bounty of 8000 plastyks was put upon her head. She fights with Hype for a short time, by throwing daggers at him, to test his strength. She is daughter of Bolduk, wife of Terryo and mother of Nohlin. She took Hype's crossbows and his plastyks.

She wanted to get to the Field of Courage's treasure room to avenge her father. She gave Hype her her bracelet to show it to her father, and prove him that he came on his behalf, to make him devise a way to get in the treasure room. She promised Hype, as a reward for his success, the returning of his crossbow bolts, money and a Signed Pass to enter the Field of Courage.

She meet again with the brave knight at the Brigand Village, where they ended their pact. She gave him the Brigands' Insignia, a proof that Hype will be the ally of the brigands forever.

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