The Great Monastery Almanac is the almanac of The Monastery. It can be found on the 2nd floor of the Monastery Scriptorium. It is guarded by a monk who waits at the door, once he sees Hype, he panics and flees into the scriptorium. The monk locks the gate behind him and sets the alarm. Hype travels back up to the bell tower and strikes the bell with his crossbow, forcing the monks to leave their bidding and go to pray. The scared monk left the gate opened when he left, Hype was able to get into the scriptorium.

There are several buttons Hype need to press in order to open every gate to get to the second floor. The almanac is on a pedestile guarded by 2 floating armor guards.

This almanac explains the Civil War with the Monastery and the King Taskan I. It also talks about Hype stealing the Royal Jewel and defeating the obese monk Mhasse by having him topple over the edge. Also explaining the, "closed order" they had in the era of Taskan II and how they even lost King Taskan II's flag.

(Before the flags were even mentioned in the game)