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Rajoth is an magician in the town of Torras.

Era of Taskan I[]

In the era of Taskan I, Rajoth is a child that doesn't like Hype very much, and he dreams of becoming a magician. His wish will be granted in the next era.

Era of Taskan II[]

In the era of Taskan II, he founds the laboratories in the town of Torras. He became the head magician in The Laboratory, due to being a famous grand magician, but used his position for his evil schemes and the absence of the king. He captured Gogoud, and unintentionally made experiments on him that extended his life. He also captured several wizards, including Enost, because he wanted to take their knowledge and learn more about Hype. He has a scepter that brings armours to life, which cannot be destroyed for good if the scepter isn't destroyed. He wanted to take Hype's power of traveling through time, and summons the "fires of hell" to fight with the knight. When he is defeated, his hat increases in size and he disappears into it.

He had a mighty planetarium, held in the Astrolabe, showing all the planets and the sun. He engineered a puzzle that if it was solved, it would release a ice spell, which would be used to free Gogoud from his fire prison.