Senekal is a citizen in the town of Torras.

Era of Taskan IIEdit

In the era of Taskan II, Senekal is a gladiator and gatekeeper of the Field of Courage. He didn't allow Hype to enter until the brave knight showed him a Signed Pass. He was once drunk and fell into a moat, until a monk saved him from drowning, even if he knew who he was. The act of kindness made him join The Monastery.

After Hype came to take his weapons, asked by the future self of Senekal, he fought with him for them, because he didn't believe the brave knight. The two competed for the other one's weapons.

Era of Taskan IIIEdit

In the era of Taskan III, Senekal becomes a priest, and he is tasked into protecting the king's son, Taskan IV, from the Civil War. He needed his weapons, which he aquired by asking Hype taking them for his former self from the era of Taskan II.

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