Wellet is son of Jamous, the shoemaker in Torras by the era of Taskan I and a true shoemaker in the era of Taskan II and the era of Taskan III.

Era of Taskan IEdit

In the era of Taskan I, he and his father wanted to make the fastest boots in the whole kingdom. He asked Hype for a 100 plastyks, so that he could run the race and get a present from Jamous and Son, the shoemakers.

Era of Taskan IIEdit

In the era of Taskan II , Wellet became the shoemaker of the town of Torras and continued the project his father started. He asked Hype for 125 plastyks, in change of running the race for getting a reward : the capacity of carrying 500 plastyks.

Era of Taskan IIIEdit

In the era of Taskan III, Wellet still continued his dream. He was now the old shoemaker. He asked Hype for 200 plastyks, in change of the greatest reward: to possess the running boots themselves. In this era, Wellet completed his dream, and his boots were perfect at last.

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