Zatila is a dragon that appears in Hype: The Time Quest. Hype earned his services using the First Dragon's Breastplate, an artifact stolen by dishonorable men from the dragons. In every era, he helps Hype to charge the jewels with energy from the sky. He is immortal and he has eternal life, so he is seen in all the four eras. He had a bad opinion regarding the nature of mankind until Hype proved to him that not all men are evil. He was also the one to give Queen Lyzothe the Sword of Peace, and he was happy to see that it eventually fell into Hype's hands.

Era of Taskan IEdit

Hype and Zatila first met in the era of Taskan I. By giving him the First Dragon's Breastplate, Hype was able to recruit Zatila's services and power up the Royal Jewel with energy from the sky.

Era of Taskan IIEdit

In the era of Taskan II, Zatila continued to aid Hype, now by helping him power the Jewel of Mankind. It was confirmed to him that the brave knight is noble and good when he saw him wearing the Mythical Armour.

Era of Taskan IIIEdit

In the era of Taskan III, Zatila received his own mission from his masters. He became the guardian of

Enosts castle

Zatila giving advice to Hype

the Jewel Room, which held the Jewel of Virtue. He helped Hype charge it with energy from the sky. He also helped him to reach The Black Tower.

Era of Taskan IVEdit

In the era of Taskan IV, he helped Hype charge Jewel of the Gods, and also helped him to reach The Black Tower. He was killed by Voydh.

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